Remote operational trending solutions give you the power to understand your equipment’s operation and make informed decisions from anywhere!

Internet of Things

Simplifying Understanding

Remote Data Gathering – IoT Cloud – Analytics

InsightM2M designs and builds state of the art cellular data gathering devices, providing real time remote monitoring and fault detection, alerting clients to problems at their facilities.

InsightM2M proprietary hardware provides a reliable data stream, detailing real time status of critical equipment. Our equipment constantly scans and analyzes data to identify previously hidden operational issues occurring within our clients buildings and equipment.

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insightM2M Industrial Cell Gateway
insightM2M Industrial Sensor

insightPRO. Cellular based operational intelligence.

Connect Once – Configure Anytime.

insightPRO is a multi-purpose device that acts as a data transmission solution as well as your gateway to a connected world. This plug-n-play device can be installed within any mechanical or operational environment.

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Highly Versatile
Industry Compliant
Industry Compliant
Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

insightVIEW. Everything you want to know: anytime, anywhere & on-the-go.


Monitor – Analyze – Act

insightVIEW is powerful, highly scalable enterprise wide IoT cloud platform that offers ease of use data analytics, visualization and remote understanding of your equipment.

  • Enterprise wide integration.
  • Engaging data visualization.
  • Flexible Reporting.
  • Insightful analytics.
  • Secure & Reliable.

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& Analytics
Anytime, Anywhere
& On-the-go
Secure, Reliable
& Scalable
Big Data
Big-data storage

How it works?

How it works

Our simplistic approach!

insightM2M is redefining data gathering via simplicity. Our insightPRO units enable you to bring any of your measurable metrics online without interacting with your existing data network. No need for IT support!

Hassle-free installation

Minimal wiring. No software installation. Click-n-Configure.

What are the applications?

We say Unlimited!


insightPRO build can be customized for any application. Easily gather multiple data types using a single unit. Configure the insightPRO device using WebUI with our click-n-configure interface (no coding required). All insightPRO builds rely on the exceptional coverage of the Verizon Cellular Network which extends their reach beyond traditional solutions that rely upon new or existing data network infrastructure.

Why choose us?

Single solution to support decision making from real time data.

We have done all the planning it takes to make sure your Remote Monitoring experience is seamless – right from the flexible insightPRO equipment to the engaging self-service insightVIEW IoT user interface.

  • Simple installation – Plug – n – Play
  • End to End solution – Hardware, accessories and IoT Platform.
  • Industrial grade electronics.
  • Verizon Reliability.
  • Enterprise wide solution.
  • No IT or Network support.
  • 24x7 accessibility.

Real-time data
Real-time Data
Big-data Visualization
Big-data Visualization
Predictive Analysis
Predictive Analytics
Operational Efficency
Operational Effeciency