Energy Consumption

Is your generator fuel costing you a fortune? Are you concerned about managing your generator fleet?

Generator Monitoring

Our Solution

  • Remotely monitor and control your generator.
  • GSM/GPRS based connectivity.
  • Switch ON/OFF using Cloud by just one click.
  • Identify fuel consumption patterns.
  • Fuel level & Fuel theft alerts.
  • Reduced Maintainance costs.
  • Raise SMS/Email alerts for any malfunction.


  • Fuel Consumed.
  • Total RUN time.
  • Energy generated and exported.
  • Fuel efficiency.
  • GPS position of generator.

How it works?

  • Install data-logger remotely monitor generator metrics.
  • IoT Cloud platform for data-aggregation.
  • Dashboards & Analytical reports.
  • SMS/Email alerts for any malfunction.
  • Maintainance alerts.


  • Monitor Power Generation.
  • Ensure Fuel Level.
  • Theft Alarm.
  • Low Fuel Notification.
  • Remote Monitoring.
  • FLEET Management.