Energy Monitoring

With the global rise in energy demand, need for lowering carbon emissions and increasing energy costs - the emphasis of governments and organizations is increasing towards energy conservation.

Energy Monitoring

Our Solution

  • Remotely monitor energy usage on real-time basis.
  • GSM/GPRS and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Detailed energy audit reports.
  • Identify energy consumption patterns.
  • Meaningul insights to optimize energy usage.
  • Suggest optimization schemes.
  • Raise SMS/Email alerts for any spike in energy usage.


  • Energy usage pattern.
  • Peak-power usage.
  • Historic energy trends.
  • Energy accounting.

How it works?

  • Install data-logger to remotely collect key energy metrics.
  • IoT Cloud platform for data-aggregation.
  • Advanced Analytics to identify energy usage patterns.
  • Design efficient power policy and optimize energy usage.


  • Decrease your carbon footprint.
  • Account for every penny spent on energy.
  • Gain access to accurate and real-time energy usage pattern.
  • Attain new benchmarks for your usage patterns.
  • Increased profits with lower energy cost.